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An inside look at the selling process when you work with Sullivan Homes Group.

Sullivan Homes Group has helped countless clients earn top dollar for their properties. The dedicated team guides sellers through the entire home-selling process, lending their unparalleled expertise to ensure a positive and lucrative home-selling experience. 
The team at Sullivan Homes Group studies forecasts and market trends for the central Florida region and beyond so sellers are informed and have a comprehensive understanding of the market and selling process
Below is Sullivan Homes Group’s primer to help you get started selling Central Florida real estate.

Selling your Central Florida home 

There are a variety of reasons why someone might choose to sell their home. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your home and are looking for something bigger, for example. Whatever the reason, certain buyers will see your property as their dream home. Selling a home is just as much of a personal journey as is buying a home. 
Once you’ve committed to selling your home, it’s important to identify your reasons for doing so. Among the top reasons for selling a home are: 
  • Reasons related to the home
  • Financial reasons
  • Personal circumstances
  • Change of preferences 
Once you’ve identified why you are selling, you can focus on how to sell. Your preliminary strategy should involve teaming with an experienced and knowledgeable realtor who can help you navigate the Central Florida real estate market.

Find the right time to sell

The real estate market in recent years has been ever-evolving. Understanding the current state of your local real estate market and knowing whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market will help you determine your first steps. 
Your real estate team will guide you in deciding the right time to list your home. Traditionally, the best time to sell a home in most markets, maximizing profits and minimizing time listed, has been the first half of May. Recent real estate trends, however, are redefining the rules; it’s not unusual for the prime selling period to extend into the off-season, for example. 
Selling during the prime selling window could be best for a number of reasons, but the local real estate market should be explored before setting a sale date. Gauge seasonal and local sales patterns, and work with your realtor to set an effective and well-developed strategy for listing your home. 

Strategize and list competitively

You’ve decided to hire an experienced and well-regarded Central Florida real estate team. What next? The team at Sullivan Homes Group conducts thorough research and uses robust and modern marketing strategies that will get your home noticed and sold. 
Determining the right list price may seem challenging, however, trusting your realtor’s expertise will help you confidently make a decision. Researching comparables, or “comps,” will lay the framework for listing your property at a competitive price. 
Advertising across multiple channels and using the latest marketing tools helps Sullivan Homes Group increase your home’s traffic and get it in front of a greater number of buyers. Crafting a thorough listing description will also work toward showcasing your home’s unique and most sellable features.

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